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Ubuntu Wellness elaborates on the essence of Ubuntu, reminding us that due to our interconnection, my wellness, in all of its many dimensions, can only emerge fully in relation to your optimal wellness and that of others. Ubuntu Wellness Centre is a state-of-the-art day spa which combines health, beauty and relaxation services together all in a single location.

The Ubuntu Wellness Center is one of very few places in South Africa to offer a complete focused floatation hydrotherapy environment. The tank is filled with water and Epsom Salts or Magnesium Sulphate at body temperature. Over 200 kg salt is added which allows you to float without trying to stay afloat. An hour floatation equals to 4 hours deep sleep.

Our spa also offers the following services: African Day Spa Packages, Massage & Energy Treatments, Biofeedback Technology & Products, Conference Facility, Reiki Training & Raw Food Wellness Coaching. We customise treatments and packages for the public and corporate clients.

Q Are you open on a Sunday?

Unfortunately we are closed on a Sunday.

Q Can I float if I can't swim?

Yes you can. Floating is as easy as taking a bath. You just step in, sit down, and lay back. You can touch the bottom with your hands. There is no skill required, you just let the salty water do the work.